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10 hours ago
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Anonymous asked : hello there~~~ is it ok to make a request? can you upload gifs from another sky where taeny were laughing and taeyeon was sort of leaning backwards and fany looked at her and also where they showed predebut taeyeon singing and laughing and fany's reaction to it? hehe thanks a lot i love your taeny gifs btw <3

i made it alrdy… (x) but it’s ok to make the tumblr ver ^_^ wait for me!! 

2 days ago
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2 days ago
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TaeNy linking arms

3 days ago
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Taeyeon and the dogs

4 days ago
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How to put on the jacket like Kwon Yuri

4 days ago
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When Tiffany and Hyoyeon voted for the most impatient/hasty

4 days ago
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Anonymous asked : um hi do you know where i can find the video of snsd's the best photoshoot bts? like the gifs where taeyeon's holding the rose? ; u ;

here you go (x)

5 days ago
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SNSD’s new photographer

5 days ago
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Taeyeon with rose.

5 days ago
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